So, you recently started your online business, but you are not sure yet which marketing channels are best for this? Perhaps you already have a successful webshop and are you orienting yourself on other acquisition channels? Companies such as eBay and Amazon have already profited extensively from this.

In this article, We explain why affiliate marketing can become the new ‘sales driver’ for your eCommerce shop.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

In short, affiliate marketing is performance-based marketing where a partner (or “affiliate”) is rewarded for every sale, lead, or subscription they send to the advertiser.

Starting your affiliate program is very simple and works as follows:

1.Choose affiliate tracking software that works with your webshop.

2.Create a campaign. You choose which commission percentage you want to give and possibly add banners.

3.Add affiliates through the software. These affiliates can come from your existing network (do not forget existing customers) or from outside.

4.Each affiliate receives a unique link that he or she can use to promote your shop. If purchases follow from this, the affiliate software automatically detects this and allocates a commission to the correct affiliate.

Sounds good, right? Here are 7 reasons why affiliate marketing is the first channel you should invest in.

You only pay for actual sales

Because affiliates only receive a commission for actual sales they generate, you only pay for ‘quality traffic’ and not for ads on websites that turn out not to work for you. If an affiliate isn’t generating sales, you don’t have to pay anything.

You control where your brand is advertised

You choose the partners with whom you want to work, so you will always remain in control of where your brand is promoted.

Affiliate marketing increases your traffic

Since your affiliates also send you non-converting traffic, many people will connect with your brand, free of charge.

You will gain a capable sales team

Most professional affiliates have been in this game for a long time and know exactly how to generate quality traffic for you.

 Loyal customers become ambassadors

Take the relationship with your existing customers to the next level by giving them an extra incentive to promote your brand. Your customers know the people who visit their website and will happily promote products that they have an affinity with.

You hold an asset for generating content about you

There is no better way to increase the visibility of your brand within the blogosphere than by giving people an extra incentive to write about your company.

 Fingers on the buttons

A big advantage of affiliate marketing is that you can manually set the reward. Whether you want to give commissions on sales, fill out lead forms, newsletter signups, or give a temporary boost to a particular product segment: You have complete control.