Affiliate marketing is a form of advertising that resembles influencer or content marketing, but where the advertiser and affiliate pay based on what has been achieved. Affiliate marketing usually works based on a percentage commission, but you can also pay based on clicks or even impressions.

When is affiliate marketing smart to use?

You can use affiliate marketing for almost anything. Yet few advertisers actively use it. That’s because affiliates have quite a bit of freedom. As an advertiser, you no longer have control over your entire campaign.

It is also quite intensive to start a campaign. Instructing affiliates about the benefits of your products can be time-consuming. So it is not smart if your campaign only has a short duration. Also, affiliate campaigns usually work with nofollow tags, so affiliate marketing is not that useful if you are currently very active with search engine optimization.

How Much Can You Earn With Affiliate Marketing?

If you only earn a few percent commission when someone buys something after clicking on a link on your website, it seems like affiliates can’t make a lot of money out of it anytime soon.

Broadly speaking, this is true. Large sites with a lot of visitors usually earn more if they get money with their ads for all views or clicks. But if there is a good match between the affiliate and the advertiser, and the texts are well-matched, the conversion (the chance that someone will buy something) can sometimes be high.

If it creates a win-win situation for both the advertiser and the affiliate, these types of deals can sometimes last a very long time and affiliates make a lot of money. Then there is no maximum what you can earn. Some affiliates know how to hit the right chord in multiple campaigns and have become millionaires in just a few years.

Tips and hints for affiliates

Someone is not likely to buy a product because there just happens to be a link on your website. It is therefore smart to ensure that the product fits your website exactly.

You can spend a page on it. Write a page with information about the product you want to sell and then put a link at the end where they can buy it. This generally works well and you will find it on many affiliate marketing websites.

There are also affiliate campaigns where they give you this information so you can put it on your site. It is not advisable to copy this literally. Often the word choices no longer fit your website and target group at all. And if you type it yourself, you can be sure that it is unique! It might also be good to buy the product yourself first and see how everything works and how good the product is or not. This way you can share your own experiences about this on your website, which only makes it more interesting for your visitor to read.

Common mistakes!

It is common enough for people new to affiliate marketing to think that any website is suitable. A new website that only contains texts written by advertisers is never really successful. Placing a lot of banners is also counterproductive. The ads scare people away, and they leave the website. Placing an ad that doesn’t belong somewhere does more harm than good.

Many websites do not take advertisements into account in the design. If you are building a website yourself, consider in advance whether you want to display advertisements on it. And be critical of what you post. Only place ads that fit the content of your website and your target audience and only in places where they are the least disturbing.