1 – Create a content site to become a affiliate 

This is currently the method I use the most to earn money with affiliate. I create blogs , or directories , or even sites that bring the two together. The best is to start with a simple blog. But building a profitable blog takes a considerable investment of time. Contrary to what some dream sellers claim, you don’t create a profitable blog by working just 1 hour a week (at least not at first).

Creating a blog that makes money with affiliate money… this is a topic where there is a lot to say. I can’t explain everything to you in this article. Otherwise this article would become very long and I will stray from the main topic. So if you want to start a profitable blog feel free to read the other articles at Jeweb.xyz for more information. 

Certainly, at the start of a blog you cannot have access to certain partnerships. A newly created blog, therefore without traffic, does not interest many affiliates. But if our theme allows it, we can try to monetize these articles from the start through  sponsorship programs as I explained above. And you can also go through affiliate platforms that are not very demanding once you’ve published 4 or 5 articles and installed a beautiful design.

No wonder you don’t make money with affiliate if you have posted 30 articles on your blog and only 2 of them contain an affiliate link. You have to try to sow affiliate links all over your blog , as long as it remains consistent with the content.

We can also create and promote certain pages whose primary objective is to generate money in affiliate . This is what I do on all my sites , and it works great:

In this menu, the two framed tabs lead to pages that are designed with the objective of promoting affiliate links . Unlike blog articles which can be created for lots of different reasons: feed the machine, attract traffic, attract inbound links, make the blog “weight”, etc … And therefore the affiliate links therein often find they have  a lower conversion rate .

2- Create a YouTube channel

Developing an audience on YouTube is also a great way to make money with affiliates. Personally, I am not present on YouTube, but I know that video is the content format that converts the best, when done well.

To promote affiliate links on YouTube we can add them directly to the video I think, as well as to the description.

If you are interested in YouTube I think this book might interest you: YouTuber: Creating Videos and Millions of Views on YouTube , available on Amazon. I haven’t read it myself, but I’ve read the other two books by the same author and wasn’t disappointed so I think this one too should be filled with good advice.

3- Social networks

To earn money with the affiliation I occasionally use social networks. I mainly use my Facebook or Twitter pages. In general I get more results with Facebook, except maybe for a few topics.

The downside of Facebook or Twitter is that on these social networks  the publications have a very short “lifespan” . Only a few hours on average. Unlike YouTube videos and blog posts which can attract traffic for several weeks, months or even years.

It is for this reason that in order to earn money with affiliate I will tend to recommend starting a YouTube channel or starting a blog or directory. And use social networks as a source of additional traffic and as a way to stay in touch with part of the audience.

But a simple Facebook post can also go viral and be seen by tens, hundreds, or even thousands of people. And if it contains a relevant affiliate link it can make money easily and quickly.

Another advantage. When you have a Facebook or Twitter page with a lot of subscribers you can also earn money by sharing sponsored posts . For more information see this page: The best sponsored content sites .

4- Email marketing

Finally, to earn money with affiliation, you can also take an interest in email marketing. The objective is to develop a list of subscribers (a “mailing list” ), using a blog, a YouTube channel and other social networks. For example, you can use MailChimp to create, manage and send emails to your list of subscribers. This autoresponder, in English, is free up to a certain number of subscribers so ideal for getting started.

If you have a blog you can also boost your number of subscribers by displaying a registration form in a small popup (or other highlight formats) with HelloBar  or OptinMonster. That I both presented in a previous article: Why and how to install a popup on your blog? .

We can then regularly send an email to subscribers to keep them coming back to our blog (and others), always give more information, maintain contact, create engagement, etc … And of course we can also use this mailing list to promote affiliate links consistent with the theme .

Automate the sending of emails

A good strategy is to prepare a series of emails in advance that will be sent automatically to subscribers. This saves precious time. For example, we can prepare a series of ten information emails, containing tips, advice, tips, etc.